Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck will use Samsung’s camera modules after $436 million deal sekurigi
According to the shared information, future Cybertruck owners will have rear view mirrors powered by Samsung Electro-Mechanics.
According to new news shared, Tesla Cybertruck will reportedly use Samsung Electro-Mechanics camera modules. The potential deal between Tesla and Samsung is claimed to be worth $436 million. Accordingly, future Cybertruck owners will have rearview mirrors powered by Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

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According to the news of The Korea Economic Daily, Tesla and Samsung have reached an agreement for the camera supply modules to be used in the new Tesla Cybertruck, which will begin production in late 2021. The cameras will replace two things that have not been found in prototype versions of the Cybertruck in the few public appearances the vehicle has made since its launch in November 2019, namely the rear view and side mirrors. malla espaldera
The production model will resemble the original prototype, and reports confirm that the Cybertruck will feature a mirrorless design.
Also mentioned is that Samsung’s new PixCell LED headlight will be used by Tesla for its future EVs. The deal is said to assist Samsung in its plans to expand its MLCC business, particularly in the automotive sector. Parts are manufactured at the company’s factory in Tianjin, China.

Cybertruck has been one of Tesla’s most anticipated projects since its initial public offering in 2019. New news has not yet been confirmed by Tesla or Elon Musk. The Cybertruck is expected to begin production later this year, and Musk expects an all-electric pickup to be produced by Tesla by the end of the year, at least in small numbers. Production is expected to begin in early 2022 at the company’s soon-to-be-completed Giga Texas facility. Smartphones are here
Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, stated months ago that the company intends to establish a factory in China. According to the new claim, the company has signed a great deal of intent to establish a factory in China.

The company that Tesla is said to have signed an agreement with to establish a factory is Jinqiao Group, which is owned by the Chinese government. The monetary size of the agreement between the two companies can reach up to 9 billion dollars. According to the information, the cost will be financed equally by the two companies. In other words, Tesla may be preparing for an investment of $ 4.5 billion to open its factory in Shanghai, which is the largest city in China.
Allegedly, the facility to be opened by Tesla and Jinqiao Group is a “mega” factory. If we consider that the cost of Disney Land, which was opened in Shanghai again last week, is 5.5 billion dollars, the seriousness of the investment can be better understood. With this factory, Tesla will be “freed” from the 25 percent import tax it will pay to the Chinese State, as well as making it easier to ship cars to Asian countries.