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What to buy in Florence? Florence, the capital of the Tuscany Region, is extremely rich in terms of food, historical buildings and works of art that you can expect from a typical Italian city, and I think it is one of the richest. This is the reason why the city is so popular from a touristic point of view.

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Shopping is another advantage Florence offers to travelers. But only if you know what to buy and where to buy it. Actually, in Where to Shop in Florence, I am talking about the best shopping streets, shopping malls and markets of the city.

I wanted to write What to Buy in Florence to talk about the options for those who want to buy products specific to Florence, gift them to their loved ones or keep them as souvenirs for years when they visit the city.

I will briefly talk about both the alternatives of the city’s eating and drinking culture and the traditional products developed and specialized by the Florentines for centuries, and where you can find them. You just set a budget.

In fact, when compared to Italian cities such as Rome, Venice and Milan, it can be thought that Florence is a more sterile city in terms of shopping, which is relatively true. However, for true shopaholics and those who care about buying gifts and souvenirs from the city they visit, there are tons of products to buy even in Florence.

Simply, Florence mosaics and Fiorentina Football Club licensed products are enough. However, let’s take you further in the article for a more detailed list of shopping objects.
What to eat in Florence that not only the city of Florence, but the entire Tuscany Region is a paradise for food and drink? I mentioned it in your post.

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Therefore, it is normal for the food, which I can call gastronomic products, to come first among the souvenirs and gifts you can buy from this city.

Moreover, since it is common among tourists to buy food and drink from Florence, many stores sell such products in travel-friendly quantities and shapes. Therefore, an option that is easy to buy and carry is the food and beverages unique to Florence. So, what is this Tuscany, Florentine delicacies?

Tuscan sauces,
Tuscan bread,
Cookies named Cantuccini Vin Santo (biscuit)
You can easily find these products in any market or gastronomy store, but if you want the freshest and best quality, I recommend you to go to the markets. San Lorenzo Market or Central Market is ideal in this respect.
Tuscany and Florence are the centers of famous Chianti wines made with Sangiovese grapes. Therefore, if you drink alcohol or know someone who loves it, in my opinion, you do not need to think long about what to buy in Florence.

I recommend that you stay away from the touristic shops in the touristic areas, because the wines sold there are a little more fabricated and not of high quality.

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Apart from that, you can buy quality and affordable Tuscan wine from any supermarket. Their prices start under 10 Euros, and I can say that even the cheapest ones are of extremely high quality.
Olive oil occupies an important place in all Italian cuisine, naturally also in Tuscany and Florence. It is one of the most important souvenirs you can buy during your visit to the city, in fact, it is almost impossible to buy a bad olive oil from Florence.

Even with the most careless shopping you can do, you can buy extremely delicious and high quality olive oil. In fact, if you are going to buy it from a specialist, I recommend you to taste the olive oil obtained from different olives and to choose according to the purpose of use (such as salad, meal, etc.).

One of the most ideal addresses in this regard is the stand of Stefano Conti, who sells in San Lorenzo Market. He is also an olive oil expert and can answer your questions without getting tired. Don’t be lazy and go.

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