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When my fear passed, I decided to climb this hill. Having tied my horse tightly to a tree, I
crossed the stream and started climbing the hill. I finally managed to reach the top, either by
crawling or walking. When I looked down from the hill, the view of the village was in front of
me like a beautiful painting by a talented painter. The mosque and school of the village in the
square were dazzling. It was as if the old plane tree in the square was a proud and dignified
work of art that defies the years. After examining my surroundings, I wanted to see the other

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side of the hill. It was exhausting for me to go down carefully, trying not to rub against the
bushes. It was my natural right to rest a little. After walking a little further, I came across a
small, dilapidated hut. The hut was covered with ivy and weeds, and the wood of the hut was
rotten in places. But still, this club was enough to bring my joy back, and it had already
increased. I sat on the wooden chair on the porch of the hut and began to sing. I really liked
the way the cool breeze blew while singing the Turkish song, as if wiping the sweat off my
face with a mother’s affection. Gradually, my eyes began to close and the images began to


fade. It was as if I was living in a dream world. Suddenly “My dreams were lost in
Anafartalar, on Chunuk Bair!” I was startled by a voice that said. I immediately opened my
eyes. This sound; It belonged to a grumpy grandmother in her eighties, slightly hunched over,
leaning on her walking stick. The wrinkles on your grandmother’s face seemed to symbolize
the pain of life. He lifted his cane into the air and said to me: -My dreams were lost in
Anafartalar, Conk Bayırı. Why do you sing a song, son! Search and find the dreams I lost!

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Then: – Are you crazy, grandma? What dreams, what Anafartalar? I don’t understand
anything you’re saying, I’m about to say. Is it you who said it? Should he start chasing me
with his cane? I couldn’t understand what I was going through. Only God knows how I
climbed the slope and went down the hill, and me! I immediately untied the bridle of the
horse and started galloping around like crazy. It was almost as if I was not ruling the horse,
but the horse was ruling over me. After going a little further, I realized that we had come to
the edge of the village and I felt a deep “Oh!” I took it. I passed through the village square,

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sweating, and went straight to my grandparents’ house. My grandfather was sitting cross-
legged on the sofa in his usual place. When you see me:
– What happened son? “Betin ran out of gas,” he asked excitedly. I told him one by
one what had happened. While I was talking, his face was taking shape. It was as if the lines
on his face were getting deeper while listening to me. Nobody lives there anymore. Crazy
Granny Zehra was living in that hut. But it has been almost thirty years since he died. Upon

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this, I wondered: – But grandfather, I really saw a grandmother in her eighties. “My dreams
were lost in Anafartalar, on Chunuk Bair.” he kept foaming at the mouth. Moreover, he had a
cane in his hand. He chased me with that cane. Who is that grandma, grandpa?” I asked
persistently. You cannot have encountered the ghost of Granny Deli Zehra, a grandchild! You
must have dreamed. Crazy Granny Zehra used to be a woman in her own right. When she
learned that her husband had been martyred in Anafartalar in the Çanakkale Wars, she was

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left alone with a six-month-old orphan. The poor man’s world fell apart when his baby fell ill
with pneumonia due to poverty, and died. He lost his mind and hit the mountains and stones.
He lived alone in that cottage you saw for fifty years. “My dreams were lost in Anafartalar!
Search and find my lost dreams.” he kept saying. Your late grandmother was beside her on

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her deathbed. “Give me back my dreams, O Anafattas! “To God, who has surrendered his
soul,” he muttered. My grandfather had tears in his eyes when he was telling me this. My
situation was no different. If it’s the back of my hand, wipe my eyes to my grandfather:-
Where is the grave of Mad Zehra, Grandpa? I want to visit him.